(the only very last Saturday event in the city’s capital)

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Cabello Management and team hosts her cut&chill event party at the last Saturday of every month.

There is an energy and excitement about our cut&chill event that is simply magical, perhaps it’s the champagne or Varieties of Video Games and Snooker Games or the Wonderful ambience of our karaoke lounge, or perhaps it is the anticipation of new memories that will last a lifetime.

They say it “takes a village” to change the world and our cut&chill events have a village at their disposal so don’t be afraid to ask for any variety of drinks at our disposal.

Also be prepared to have a discounted haircut. If you’d like to cut before the session please be our guest!! Casuals or attire is still recommended.

It is our goal to bring your event to life so you can enjoy your special day and every moment in between. You deserve to celebrate!


Today, BYOB may mean “bring your own bottle,” “bring your own booze” or “bring your own beer”. BYOB is a later variant of the earlier expession, BYOL meaning “bring your own liquor.”

The management permits you could also BYOB, should incase you have your potential choice or brand, get your poison and lets celebrate the cabello way.