MEN'S Hair style

Hair style is a standout amongst the most well-known administrations at our barbershop. Take as much time as is needed – get another hair style!

Hair style (reg)

“Regular” doesn’t signify “not fashionable”! Proficient hairdresser will utilize cleanser and conditioner while making your interesting hair style. To give top notch administration hot towel is utilized toward the end.

Layer cut

Just abnormal state barbershops can offer layered cuts. We are constantly prepared to give this administration to you. Cleanser and hot towel are incorporated.

Scissors in response to popular demand

Scissors are constantly accessible as extra alternative to customary hair style, cleanser and conditioner. Solicitation this administration and you will get stylish hair style performed with the assistance of vintage devices.

Long hair

Long hairdos are dependably in pattern and are mainstream with the women. Proficient hairdresser will deal with your hair and make interesting long hairdo.

Shampoo/Cleanser and hair style

This administration incorporates hair style, cleanser and conditioner. To give top notch administration hot towel is utilized toward the end. 

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Razor Services

Haircut is one of the most popular services at our barbershop. Professional barbers are always waiting for you. Take your time – get a new haircut!

Beard Trim

Our barbers will give your beard that sharp edge and required style. No matter what type you have a soul patch, goatee or full beard, a straight razor in the hand of a professional is a good combination for great trimming.

Hair Line Clean Up

Perfect grooming is one of the features of a successful man. The main signature of a good grooming is a well define, clean hairline. Want to make the best impression? Let us help you. Our barbers are always ready to take care of hair, especially when it comes to hair line clean up.

Royal Shave

Real royal shave is for modern kings. A hot oil massage together with hot towel treatment and an ultra close razor shave will make you look and feel like a member of royal family.

Signature Shave

All the benefits of Royal shave are included. Hot oils massage complements to hot towel treatment and an ultra close razor shave. The main difference is in the product used in providing this service.

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