SoftSheen Carson Sportin’ Waves Men’s Hair Cream – For Male And Female

Product Line:Mozarella Stores
Production country:United States
Weight (kg):0.5


SoftSheen-Carson® Sportin’ Waves® Gel Pomade with Wavitrol III. Sportin’ Waves is a maintenance line that provides natural sheen, moisture and hold and for short, brush able hairstyles. The line consists of two products that offer two levels of hold: a regular gel pomade with Wavetrol III and a maximum-hold pomade. With Sportin’ Waves, hair remains soft, neat and moisturized, without the greasy buildup. Light, strong-holding gel pomade that promotes waves and restores moisture.Stronger holding power.Rinses out clean. Goes on easy

Key features:
Gel formula
Goes on easy
Rinses out clean
Stronger holding power
Gel pomade with wavitroll iii


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