Is an expensive haircut really any better than a cheaper one?

Is An Expensive Haircut Really Any Better than a cheaper one

What’s the most you would you be willing to pay for a haircut?

For me, I’ve for quite some time been of the mentality that a quick visit to my barber shouldn’t cost me more than N1500 (naira). Not only am I on a tight budget, but it’s always worked out for me well. That said, I do know it’s different for everyone.

In Nigeria the average cost of a men’s haircut is N500 , according to most Nigerian barbing salons. Prices tend to skew much higher in urban, metropolitan cities like Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt.

However, high-end salons for men can be found nearly everywhere, and haircuts at these places can easily start at N1500 for the most basic service. To be honest, I’ve always been interested to see what it’s like for men who pay a pretty penny to get their haircut at a fancy salon.

Like many guys, I want my hair to look the best it can, and maybe a high-end salon could offer that. But is a more expensive haircut really worth the price? I pondered this question as I scheduled a cut with celebrity hairstylist in Owerri.

He charges between NGN 1500 to NGN2000 for a regular men’s haircut. While that may seem exorbitant to the average client, I was curious to experience it for myself and see if it’s really any different from the haircut I would normally pay NGN1000 for.

Upon entering his salon ,I was quickly attracted to how immense it was. A gigantic measure of light pillars through the floor to roof windows the cool ambience of lightening amazed me, coupled with the foreign graffiti looking art at one section.

After checking in with the friendly and welcoming female receptionist, I handed over my belonging and wrapped myself in his barbing robe. While passing through everyone to take my seat at hisstation, I took note of the clientele that was made up of mostly older, rich-looking men with expensive bags and designer shoes.

At one point, I sort of felt like a fraud patronizing a place with so much wealthy people and big boys. I quickly tried to let go of my insecurities and made a solid effort to act like I belonged, accepting a bottled water that was offered to me while smiling at the staff.

Finally, this celebrity barber made his way over and introduced himself to me before we got started. After some quick small talk, I told him how I wanted my hair to be cut.

He contemplated my just low cut request and he offered something else instead. “I don’t think it should be so low,” he suggested. “That kind of look is being worn everywhere. You need something a little more classic.”

While I was a little thrown off by his bluntness, I figured he knew best. Who was I to disagree with someone who does services for most top owerri footballers, popular Owerri politicians, A list Owerri actors, senior citizens in Owerri and the filthy rich big boys in Owerri?

As he proceeded to cut my hair his way, he began to share more about his salon, at the end I had an amazing time and cut and never bothered about the cost at the end of the day. Somehow I can say on personal opinion that I understand better why people can afford such a price for a haircut

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